All in… UGH…

I just…

I just can’t…


I’m a volunteer.



There’s no one left…

Bye bye Bernie. We hardly knew ye, ye commie hippie bastard.

It’s Hillary or bust.

Still a bit more than a month to before it’s officially official. But the fact is, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our next president…

With that choice…


We’re with her…


(actually all the “women can be president too” stuff is kindasortamaybe inspiring?)


Hey Look ANOTHER Broken Donald Trump Promise

So Trump has been a “general election” candidate now for what…five minutes? An hour?

Remember how he ran his entire campaign based on how he isn’t “owned” by the special interests?

And that anyone who took money from donors would immediately betray their principles? I guess it’s easy to warn that people will betray their principles…when you have none of your own.


The candidate “took steps to appropriate much of the Republican National Committee’s financial and political infrastructure for his presidential campaign,” the New York Times reports. Having spent around $40 million on the primaries, Trump, who claims to be worth as much as $10 billion, insists that “he may need as much as $1.5 billion for the fall campaign, but that he will seek to raise it from donors.”

What a difference a few months makes, huh?

Still think he’s better than Hillary Clinton? He’s to the LEFT of her on almost every major issue we’re supposed to care about as Republicans (national security, taxes, national debt, foreign policy), he sounds like a blithering idiot racist when he speaks and the social issues Republicans supposedly care about only started mattering to him…………a year ago.

What makes you think that he won’t be going back on all of the rest of his promises the DAY AFTER HE ENTERS THE WHITE HOUSE?

Listen, we get it. Hillary Clinton is…not great. She’s not our first choice. She’s not our 1,000th choice. But it’s time to wake up and recognize the fact that we are Americans before we are Republicans and out of the two choices we’ve been presented with, she is more in line with Republican ideology than he is!

There is still time to avert a national catastrophe.

Get involved. Sign the pledge. Share this information. If we can each just influence a few people in key battleground states we can stop this from happening and keep this lying blowhard idiot from destroying the country.

Then, we can get started on electing an ACTUAL Republican in 2020.

Trump’s Tax Plan Raises Taxes More Than Hillary’s

Trump Tax Increase

That’s right. More people would see their tax rates go up under a President Trump than President Hillary.

In Trump’s original plan, he set three tax rates: 10 percent, 20 percent and 25 percent. (For perspective, the current top rate is 39.6 percent.)

In the Kudlow-Moore draft, those would all rise, according to Cole, to 15 percent, 25 percent and 28 percent. Kudlow had previously only described raising the top rate, which Trump himself has signaled publicly he is open to.

Plus, Cole said, the Kudlow-Moore draft would impose a new cap on itemizable deductions, such as charitable contributions and mortgage interest, at $25,000 for individuals and $50,000 for married couples.

Read all the disgusting details at Politico.

I mean, he’s the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE. And he wants to RAISE taxes on the lowest earners while LOWERING them on top earners. Oh yeah…and it’s STILL adding $3.8 trillion to the debt! At least in Bernie’s fantasies we get free college for his nonsense. Why doesn’t he just wear a giant sign around his neck that says “I’m the embodiment of every false anti-Republican trope the Democrats have been throwing at the GOP for the past 30 years!”

Let’s see…

War on women – check! (Punish women for abortions)
Racism – check! (Muslim ban, Mexican rapists, etc. etc. etc.)
Ripping off the poor to benefit the rich – check! (See above)
Anti-science – check! (Anti-vax support)
Low intelligence compared to liberals – CHECK CHECK CHECK (Everything that comes out of his mouth)

The Republican Party in 2016.

The Republican Party in 2016.

AND he’s going to raise your taxes, get out of NATO, blow up the national debt and let Saudi Arabia and Japan get nukes! So, the ONLY things most people think the Republican Party had going for it before this orange train wreck took over…they’re gone. It’s like someone sold you a Ferrari, except it looks like garbage, handles like a 1987 Buick and can’t drive over 45 miles per hour. But it still costs $200,000 and gets eight miles to the gallon!!!!!

He’s already destroyed the Republican party. Are we really going to let him destroy the country too?

Screw you West Virginia

Sanders wins West Virginia

Bernie won.

Hillary lost.

Trump got 72% of the vote.

Not a good night for our team.

On the other hand, Hillary won West Virginia by 40 points in 2008 and still lost to Obama in the primary. So whatever.

Worst. Election. Ever.

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