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Help us get our message out. Never Trump means never. 


Donald Trump is an idiot 

Listen, you don’t want this guy to be president right? Of course not. We’re not looking to make any money off of this endeavor, but maintaining a website, paying content writers and running ad campaigns costs money. Also, the sheer volume of alcohol we will be consuming between now and election day threatens to bankrupt us.

(That was a joke, we’re NOT going to spend your money on alcohol. Well, maybe one bottle of Jim Beam just to get through election night. But that’s IT! And we’ll even share it with you!)

Look, if you’re here, you probably hate Donald Trump more than you love Hillary…and you’re probably disgusted with the Republican Party in general, so we can promise you this:

Any money we raise or revenue we generate will go towards trashing Donald Trump and providing fellow Republicans who can’t vote for him with an outlet to express their frustration in order to get through the rest of this horrific election. None of it will go to any candidate or the currently compromised Republican National Committee. And it certainly won’t be going to any DEMOCRATS.

Also it should go without saying (but just in case you were wondering) that because we’re not a 501(c)(3) – no political organization is – your contribution is NOT tax deductible. If you want to give to charity give to your local place of worship or something you believe in. We’re just trying to entertain you and send a message to the country that we care more about the future of America than we care about our party affiliation.

Want to volunteer your services? Contact us below!