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By: Veronica Brown


I’ve been a Republican my whole life-and by whole life, I mean whole life; my sister and I are even named after Ronald Reagan (Ver-RON-ica and Reganne – get it?).


I was that kid who in first grade proudly slapped a Dole ‘96 bumper sticker on her pencil case. I actively engaged in political debates with my liberal hippie teachers throughout middle school and high school in Seattle, and for college I picked the most politically active school in the country (Raise High, GW!) to continue fighting for the fundamental beliefs I hold so dear. Needless to say, I’ve been a warrior for conservative values every step of the way.


I’ve been waiting for this election for the past eight years. Like most conservatives, I believe Barack Obama’s presidency has been a disaster for our country. A failed healthcare system, an economy that hasn’t recovered as well as it should have, and continued overreach through executive orders have set America on a course for failure. I couldn’t wait to take our country back and elect a Republican who would advance conservative ideals and put us on the right track.


But instead, this year I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.


This decision did not happen overnight. I’ve grappled with my options for months, losing sleep over what to do. Countless conversations with friends (conservative and liberal) going back and forth, weighing third party candidates, and even considering sitting this one out – finally led me to the decision to put allegiances aside and vote for a woman I’ve despised for years.


Donald Trump’s rhetoric has gone too far. His comments, particularly about women and minorities, are pure hatred. When has it ever been okay for a public figure to say such things?


We, the party of Lincoln and Reagan, cannot let this tyrant of a man win. He has taken away any hope we have as a party to move our country forward. His childish tactics, brash words, and lack of knowledge and policy plans are setting us up for catastrophe, both as a country and as leaders of the free world.


I fundamentally disagree with almost everything Hillary stands for. You won’t see me cheering for policies like free college, raising the minimum wage or universal healthcare. But my reasoning is simple: I’m voting for her because it’s the only sure-fire way to vote against Trump.


It’s time for us to put party politics aside and choose reason over rhetoric, experience over ignorance and love over hate.


This year #ImWithHer.


Like many of us, Veronica Brown is utterly dismayed by this election’s race to the bottom. She can found on Twitter @VeronicaBrown08

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Brexit. Britain. Bananas. It’s Trump’s world, we’re just living in it.

Total bananas.

Total bananas.

Is this real life?

On the day the most important ally the United States has…on EARTH…the presumptive Republican nominee and definitive buffoon, delivered his most bananas speech yet.

Let’s forget for a minute about Trump’s absolutely idiotic, tone-deaf tweet that probably offended roughly 70% of Scots. Actually no, let’s NOT forget about that. If elected, does anyone really think misguided, poorly worded, shoot-from-the-hip tweets like this WON’T be the norm? If so you are far more optimistic than we are.

It’s one thing to be “not politically correct” or to “tell it like it is” or whatever cliche, moronic slogan Trump supporters latch onto when he pulls these kind of stunts. It is something far different for the leader of the free world to piss people off in every single country he debases with his odious presence.

In any case, this was not even the worst thing Trump did today!

As worldwide stock markets plunged and middle class Americans watched billions of their life savings vanish within the span of minutes, the man a small plurality of our fellow Republicans have allowed to hijack our party, gave a long awaited foreign policy speech from his new golf course in Scotland.

Would he reassure his future subjects back home that everything would be fine? Would he return home early in order to demonstrate leadership and solidarity with his fellow Americans? Would he unveil some new policies designed to mitigate the fallout from an impending two year divorce between Britain and Europe? Would he comment on the possibility of a domino effect of other major Western European powers bailing on their weaker eastern neighbors? Would he communicate to foreign powers that he had a plan on how to work with them to ensure stability in Europe? Address the impending power vacuum in Britain after David Cameron resigns?

Or would he spend 17 minutes of international coverage, with literally the future of Europe hanging in the balance, to talk about what a great job he did on renovating a golf course?

Skip to about 1:38 (after the customary idiot protestor gets tossed) for the most bananarama foreign policy speech you will ever hear. Not only does he start by saying it’s an historic day “not just because of Turnberry,” he then takes full advantage of his international coverage to tout what a beautiful golf course he has built. Just try and get to the supposedly substantive portion of the speech…after he thanks his family and everyone who helped him build wonderful suites so that golfers can sit and eat in between rounds of golf.

All of this while Europe is literally coming apart at the seems.

Is it any surprise that the Dow Jones dropped an ADDITIONAL 200 points not long after he finished? It had actually been rebounding a bit (down 340 rather than the initial 500 drop when the markets opened) before this idiot started talking. Now it’s down 570 points, with no end in sight.

During the early hours of the biggest crisis the United States and Europe have faced since Greece disaster, the man that about 38% of Americans feel should be their next leader, spent the entirety of his speech talking about golf history, lighthouses, hotel occupancy, drains, pipes and the tremendous performance (primarily because of its tremendous location apparently) of the Turnberry golf course. Then he brought up his children to talk about how great Trump is and crack jokes about how they hope they “made Turnberry great again.”

In fact, there was no real discussion of the actual current events until A REPORTER ASKS HIM ABOUT IT 17 MINUTES INTO THIS TRAIN WRECK.


This is leadership? This is INSANITY.

Can you imagine four (or dear Lord save us, eight) years of this?

How is this real?

UPDATE: Now we’re down 610 points. Enjoy the golf course, Trump family! You just let us know when you feel like getting back to trying to lead the free world!

Well that didn’t take long: Trump Trolls hurl anti-Semitic tropes, parentheses and death threats at us

Trump Trolls


Think all the coverage about the anti-Semitic streak running through some Trump supporters is overblown? We kind of did. We even poked fun at the idea…

Until they found us.

While we’re really still adjusting to the idea that we may actually have to vote for arch-nemesis Hillary Clinton over rabid mango head Donald Trump, we decided to start getting into the Twittersphere with some good-natured #NeverTrump tweets.

Within 48 hours, they already had us in their sights.


Foreign shills


What’s really strange about this, is that unlike journalists targeted by these trolls, there is nothing specifically “Jewish” about us. There was no “Jewish sounding” last name. Nothing on the web site mentioned anything about being Jewish. And while some of our members are Jews, we are, like most political organizations, not beholden to any religion at all.

And yet…


Old as Torah


What followed was at first an amusing exchange with a group of people so openly anti-Semitic that it was almost a relief to go back and forth with people so transparent about their hatred. There were no insinuations here.


Tweet on shabbat


Nothing left to the imagination.

We must be Jews, because we were against Trump and (by default) in favor of Hillary Clinton. Never mind our obvious disgust with the prospect of voting for someone who all of us have vowed to oppose (some of us have actively worked against her!) which should be painfully obvious to anyone who has spent more than ten seconds on this website. Never mind the fact that we continue expressing our disbelief at the people we must now find ourselves aligned with. Never mind that many of us are lifelong conservatives who have worked for or volunteered on campaigns to elect Republicans (including during this election season).

None of that mattered. To the Trump Trolls, if we are against Trump, we must be Jews. And in their minds, being Jews means we are anti-American, internationalist, dual-loyalty, Protocols of the Elders of Zion following, Fifth column, Jewish banker, Rothschild disciple saboteurs.

This must be true for us, as it must be true for journalists like Ben Shapiro, a truly devoted conservative who says he would never vote for Hillary Clinton and has dedicated his entire life to the cause of advancing conservative values. Even though Shapiro isn’t even going full Hillary like we are, the mere fact that he disagrees with the head troll, is enough for them to declare him an enemy of the state.

Oh and apparently they decided that the name of the person manning our Twitter account that day was Isaac…


Isaac hanged in due time


…and that “Isaac” deserved to be murdered because he would rather vote for a flawed, vomit-inducing, but still comparatively qualified politician over a boorish, grifter clown with an army of anti-Semitic trolls.

I’m not sure what’s worse. The fact that that these people are anti-Semites, or that they assume that anyone who opposes their candidate MUST be a Jew.

In any case, if you had any doubt about the dark underbelly of Trump support, take it from us…they’re out there.

Chalk it up as yet another reason why we’d rather be aligned with idiots like Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden than foaming at the mouth Jew haters who declare a death sentence on someone they’ve never met based purely on their support of a candidate they don’t like.

Did I just say I’m on the same side as Joe Biden? Excuse me while I go kill a few thousand more brain cells with some single malt. Only four and half more months of this crap!

Editor’s note: We decided to block out the handles and avatars within the tweets we saved for two reasons.

1. They were all anonymous anyway
2. These trolls feed on attention and we didn’t want them to earn even one follow or mention from this

Why I will never Support Trump

As a lifelong Republican, I cannot vote for Trump.

As a lifelong Republican, I cannot vote for Trump.


Since I first saw George W. Bush speak at the age of 8 in 1999, I have been a Republican. Through high school as I gravitated to books by authors such as Ayn Rand, Barry Goldwater, and the writings of Milton Friedman my conservatism only grew. Upon entering college having the opportunities to attend CPAC and Americans for Prosperity events fueled my activism even further.

I have worked for numerous Republican campaigns and advocacy groups, am a lifetime member of the NRA, and still revere Ronald Reagan as my personal hero. I am a Republican because I believe in limited government, lower taxes, and a strong national security including a robust military. I believe in the 2nd amendment, the right to life, and believe very strongly in personal freedom and responsibility.

It is for all these reasons that I, a staunch Republican must rebuke Donald J. Trump and urge my party to select another nominee at our convention in July.  Mr. Trump is the antithesis of what a Republican is, he is trying to establish an authoritarian, totalitarian regime, where guns are outlawed and the president will morph into a dictator.

Under a Trump regime America will lose all credibility and will be in constant peril. It is imperative as a nation that we not let this occur. Republicans lets unite around our party, the party of Lincoln and Reagan and not let a Judas take over. #NeverTrump #GOPWithHer


David P, Republican voter since 2007


Want to post your own #NeverTrump message? Leave a comment below or email us your thoughts.

All in… UGH…

I just…

I just can’t…


I’m a volunteer.



Trump’s Tax Plan Raises Taxes More Than Hillary’s

Trump Tax Increase

That’s right. More people would see their tax rates go up under a President Trump than President Hillary.

In Trump’s original plan, he set three tax rates: 10 percent, 20 percent and 25 percent. (For perspective, the current top rate is 39.6 percent.)

In the Kudlow-Moore draft, those would all rise, according to Cole, to 15 percent, 25 percent and 28 percent. Kudlow had previously only described raising the top rate, which Trump himself has signaled publicly he is open to.

Plus, Cole said, the Kudlow-Moore draft would impose a new cap on itemizable deductions, such as charitable contributions and mortgage interest, at $25,000 for individuals and $50,000 for married couples.

Read all the disgusting details at Politico.

I mean, he’s the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE. And he wants to RAISE taxes on the lowest earners while LOWERING them on top earners. Oh yeah…and it’s STILL adding $3.8 trillion to the debt! At least in Bernie’s fantasies we get free college for his nonsense. Why doesn’t he just wear a giant sign around his neck that says “I’m the embodiment of every false anti-Republican trope the Democrats have been throwing at the GOP for the past 30 years!”

Let’s see…

War on women – check! (Punish women for abortions)
Racism – check! (Muslim ban, Mexican rapists, etc. etc. etc.)
Ripping off the poor to benefit the rich – check! (See above)
Anti-science – check! (Anti-vax support)
Low intelligence compared to liberals – CHECK CHECK CHECK (Everything that comes out of his mouth)

The Republican Party in 2016.

The Republican Party in 2016.

AND he’s going to raise your taxes, get out of NATO, blow up the national debt and let Saudi Arabia and Japan get nukes! So, the ONLY things most people think the Republican Party had going for it before this orange train wreck took over…they’re gone. It’s like someone sold you a Ferrari, except it looks like garbage, handles like a 1987 Buick and can’t drive over 45 miles per hour. But it still costs $200,000 and gets eight miles to the gallon!!!!!

He’s already destroyed the Republican party. Are we really going to let him destroy the country too?

Screw you West Virginia

Sanders wins West Virginia

Bernie won.

Hillary lost.

Trump got 72% of the vote.

Not a good night for our team.

On the other hand, Hillary won West Virginia by 40 points in 2008 and still lost to Obama in the primary. So whatever.

Worst. Election. Ever.

The Seven Stages of Grief

1. Shock

Trump? Trump?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! DONALD J TRUMP?????????? THIS GUY!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


2. Denial

This isn’t happening. White knight, Cruz, Romney, Kasich, Ryan. Someone save us!!! Contested convention?? Lawsuit???? Something?!?!?!?! ANYTHING??!?!?!?!?! There’s no way I can vote for Hillary Clinton. NO WAY. NO WAY!!!

3. Bargaining

So maybe we can get Rubio, Cruz and Kasich to team up against him? Perhaps we can somehow convince Donald to drop out? Is that possible?

4. Guilt

Could I have done anything differently? Maybe if I had posted just a few more #NeverTrump tweets or linked to that Vox video a few more times I could have prevented this.

5. Anger


6. Depression

I can’t do this. I can’t. I’m just not getting out of bed until after this disgusting, horrible, miserable election is mercifully over. And alcohol. Lots of that too.

7. Acceptance

I… #ImWithHer

Vomit Emoji

It’s come to this…


I can’t believe this.

Damn you Donald Trump. Damn you for doing this to us.

You are not alone

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