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Donald Trump And The 47 Percent: The Most Shocking Thing About His ‘That’s Because I’m Smart’ admission

Did Trump just admit he is one of the 47 percent who pays no taxes?

Did Trump just admit he is one of the 47 percent who pays no taxes?

It’s been clear for a long time now that Donald Trump and Mitt Romney could not more different as Republican nominees. For one thing, Romney was not completely off-the-wall and unprepared during his first debate with President Obama. For another, whatever issues Romney had getting the female vote, with his “binders full of women” and subsequent (unfair) vilification, Trump is in a different galaxy of misogyny with his “pigs, slobs and dogs.”

But perhaps the most striking difference when it comes to their gaffes, is that while Romney was attacked for saying that “47 percent of Americans pay no income tax,” no one could have imagined one of the people he was talking about would end being his successor for the Republican nomination just four years later. If Trump really pays nothing in income taxes, that would put him in the very same bracket as the people Romney said would never vote for him anyway. No wonder they hate each others’ guts.

Think about that for a minute though. When Romney made that comment, which was a major problem for his campaign, he was referring to Americans who are so poor that their tax deductions exceed their tax burden. Generally when we think of “the 47 percent” we are talking about people who are on the low end of making a five figure salary.

Not billionaires.

And if you asked the average “47 percenter” how they feel about not paying any taxes, they won’t tell you it’s because they’re “smart.”

It’s because they have no money.

They don’t go around gloating about it.

Romney lost in part because his comments were perceived as tone deaf towards the plight of poor and lower-middle class Americans. When Romney released his tax returns, partially in response to the outrage over his comments, it created an even greater bloodbath once everyone found he only paid a 13% effective tax rate.

Well, now Trump has effectively confirmed that he pays almost no taxes at all. He himself is a member of the 47 percent!

Trump has risen, in part, because of his ability to capitalize on the misery of these same people. Yet even as he continues to not only be tone deaf, but to actually sneer at them, they continue to support him. “Yes,” he seems to say, “not only am I richer than you, not only am I SMARTER than you, but I also have managed to manipulate the system so that I get the same limited benefits you do even though I don’t even need them. Now vote for me, idiots.”

And yet they still do.

What will it take?

Hillary Strikes Debate Night Blow

Monday night was a horror show for many Republicans across the country, myself included. To see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the two candidates on the debate stage was a living nightmare for me. With that said of the two people on the stage, it was clear that Hillary Clinton was the more qualified; both on policy and temperament to be President of the United States of America.


Clinton VS Trump

Hillary had Trump on the ropes from the “opening bell”. With Trump backpedaling on defense and with the spotlight shining on only two candidates, Mr. Trump was not able to debate in his typical “smoke and mirror” style. When pressed for specific policy answers by moderator Lester Holt or by Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump seldom had an answer deeper than “because we will”.

Hillary hammered Trump on his “birther history” and deftly tied that into his and his family’s history of racism through their discriminatory rental history. Mr. Trump has to set the record straight, why does he think President Obama wasn’t born in this country? Why did he and his father not rent to African-Americans in the 1970s?

The debate showed us what we have all feared to be true. Trump simply does not have the temperament to be POTUS. His eye-rolls, sarcasm, and body language were anything but presidential. You can say a lot of things about Mrs. Clinton (such as the fact that she is dead wrong on the Iran deal and ending stop and frisk), but she keeps proving that she has presidential temperament.

As someone who works for a small business, it was appalling to me to hear Trump say that it was okay not to pay a contractor if you are not satisfied with their work. Small businesses depend on progress and final payments to pay their bills and feed their employees’ families. Is Mr. Trump saying that a contract is not binding? We need an answer to this question.

“The Donald” lied again regarding his support of the War in Iraq. Thanks to Howard Stern’s interviewing prowess, we have recordings of Mr. Trump on the record stating his support for the war which he now says he was against. Will he answer why he continues to lie about this?

Trump also never responded to Hillary’s claims that his tax plan will add $5┬átrillion to the national debt. He needs to answer this question, if not we must assume that this assertion is true.

The bottom line is this is the Worst. Election. Ever. Hillary is a very flawed candidate, but is someone that I would trust with the nuclear codes much more than Mr. Trump. To me this is the deciding factor when faced with two terribly flawed candidates. As a party, we must work to heal from the Trump disaster and focus on common sense economic reform and keeping our country safe. #NeverTrump #GOPWithHer


Hillary/Trump Debate LiveBlog: Round 1!


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