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Does Donald Trump Want to be King?

One of the first things every elementary schooler learns in an American history course is that America fought the Revolutionary War against the British to gain their freedom and end the rule of monarchs. George Washington, when offered a third presidential term, said no as he didn’t want the American public to view him as a monarch. Now, in 2016, are we seeing a candidate that wants to run our country as his own Fiefdom?

Donald J. Trump has consistently proved that he has no interest in promoting a democratic regime. If he were to be elected he has shown every sign of his intent to turn our great republic into the “Trump Kingdom of America”. While this may sound dramatic, let’s look at the facts.

  • Trump has shown throughout his campaign that he is a bigot and sexist; not exactly democratic values
  • See, #NeverTrump
  • Trump has flip-flopped numerous times, on numerous important issues, such as second amendment rights, and his refusal to take a stand on our greatest ally Israel
  • Not immediately denouncing noted KKK leader and hate-mongering David Duke
  • Claiming his campaign was “self-financed”
  • Lying about meeting Putin during a 60 Minutes taping
  • Lying about predicting the danger of Osama Bin Laden
  • Lying about seeing footage of the Iranian money drop

The lies, flip-flopping, and degradation of millions of Americans, leads to a candidate that is certainly not qualified to be the President of the greatest country in the world. Mr. Trump’s values are certainly far from Republican and would make our party’s flag-bearers; Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Abraham Lincoln cringe. The circus campaign of Donald J. Trump must be denounced by Republicans all across America and funding from the RNC needs to be immediately ceased. Only when this occurs will the message be sent that the Republican party and the United States of America does not want a Trump Kingdom of America.



I’m A Republican Advocate Named After Ronald Reagan – #ImWithHer Anyway










By: Veronica Brown


I’ve been a Republican my whole life-and by whole life, I mean whole life; my sister and I are even named after Ronald Reagan (Ver-RON-ica and Reganne – get it?).


I was that kid who in first grade proudly slapped a Dole ‘96 bumper sticker on her pencil case. I actively engaged in political debates with my liberal hippie teachers throughout middle school and high school in Seattle, and for college I picked the most politically active school in the country (Raise High, GW!) to continue fighting for the fundamental beliefs I hold so dear. Needless to say, I’ve been a warrior for conservative values every step of the way.


I’ve been waiting for this election for the past eight years. Like most conservatives, I believe Barack Obama’s presidency has been a disaster for our country. A failed healthcare system, an economy that hasn’t recovered as well as it should have, and continued overreach through executive orders have set America on a course for failure. I couldn’t wait to take our country back and elect a Republican who would advance conservative ideals and put us on the right track.


But instead, this year I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.


This decision did not happen overnight. I’ve grappled with my options for months, losing sleep over what to do. Countless conversations with friends (conservative and liberal) going back and forth, weighing third party candidates, and even considering sitting this one out – finally led me to the decision to put allegiances aside and vote for a woman I’ve despised for years.


Donald Trump’s rhetoric has gone too far. His comments, particularly about women and minorities, are pure hatred. When has it ever been okay for a public figure to say such things?


We, the party of Lincoln and Reagan, cannot let this tyrant of a man win. He has taken away any hope we have as a party to move our country forward. His childish tactics, brash words, and lack of knowledge and policy plans are setting us up for catastrophe, both as a country and as leaders of the free world.


I fundamentally disagree with almost everything Hillary stands for. You won’t see me cheering for policies like free college, raising the minimum wage or universal healthcare. But my reasoning is simple: I’m voting for her because it’s the only sure-fire way to vote against Trump.


It’s time for us to put party politics aside and choose reason over rhetoric, experience over ignorance and love over hate.


This year #ImWithHer.


Like many of us, Veronica Brown is utterly dismayed by this election’s race to the bottom. She can found on Twitter @VeronicaBrown08

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What Will It Take For GOP Leadership To Cut Ties With Trump?

What is there even left to say at this point? Donald Trump has insulted women, minorities, Republicans, Democrats, veterans and nearly every single group of people in America.

Now he has attacked the mother and father of a heroic American soldier who died in combat, defending Americans from the very people Donald Trump has claimed HE wants to protect Americans from. That’s about all we can take over here. We’re not really “petition” people, but this is where we are now. Please take a moment to sign and share this with everyone you know.

UPDATE: Looks like Donald Trump is not even supporting Paul Ryan and John McCain in their primaries. Never one to let a good crisis end on its own, Trump had this to say about another war hero and veteran, John McCain:

“I’ve never been there with John McCain because I’ve always felt that he should have done a much better job for the vets,” Trump continued. “He has not done a good job for the vets and I’ve always felt that he should have done a much better job for the vets. So I’ve always had a difficult time with John for that reason, because our vets are not being treated properly. They’re not being treated fairly.”

What will it take, guys? Seriously? It’s time to put country first.

Solemn Responsibility: The Only Video You Will Ever Need To See About Trump

This is really all you need to know, isn’t it?

Is there anything not true about this?

Of course not. It’s why we’re GOPWithHer.

LiveBlog: Democratic National Convention #DemsInPhilly

Hillary Clinton shatters the Democratic glass ceiling.

It’s official, the glass has been shattered. Hillary is our only hope left.

The journey to the dark side is almost complete…

Trump wants Russia to hack our government officials’ emails. If ever there was a doubt before, it’s BEYOND official. We’re with her. #NeverTrump

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Dear Democratic Party: You Literally Have One Job Right Now


Dear Democratic Party,

Long time no speak. Even longer time, no vote! Last time I pulled the lever for a Democrat for President was two weeks after my 18th birthday and four more years of Clinton-through-Gore seemed like a wonderful idea. Then 9/11 happened.

I’ve been critical of you guys over the years. Really critical. I’ve argued with friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and strangers that your party represented all that was wrong with America. Bloated government, soft on terrorism, blah blah blah, I’m sure you’ve heard it all by now.

This election is different though. This election, is not about limited government or tax reform or anything less than saving the country.

It’s not about whether or not Trump is right or wrong on TPP, or NATO or social issues or any of that stuff. It’s not about left or right, Republicans or Democrats, Progressives or Conservatives, donkeys or elephants. It is literally about what we want this country to be.

Were you watching Donald Trump’s speech on the last night of the Republican National Hate Hillary Fest? I was. And if you didn’t and you’re considering NOT voting or flushing your vote down the toilet on Jill Stein, you should watch the replay.

I’m a Republican. Trump’s speech chilled me to the bone. I’ve been #NeverTrump since before the primaries even started, so I was never going to vote for him. Never. But listening to his interminable rant, going on and on and on and on, about how much this country sucks…

What in the world is happening right now? There are a lot of issues in the United States and the world. For the person who wants to lead this country to offer nothing but a dark apocalyptic vision picture of the United States is frightening.

I don’t want my leader telling me how awful my country is. I want him/her to tell me how good it is.

And don’t even get me started on the “yes you will” chants. Where are we? America or North Korea? Is this 2016 or Orwell’s 1984? I have never felt as uncomfortable watching a nomination speech as I did watching this. I hated Obama’s speeches in 2012 and 2008. Kerry’s in 2004. But I was never actually scared.

I’m scared now.

My Party has failed me. For the first time since 2000 I am going to vote for a Democrat this year. I’ve spent a long time waiting to see Hillary defeated – to see your Party defeated. Instead I’m going to be volunteering for her.

Because for the first time since…maybe ever…there is much more that unites us than divides us.

And its name is Donald Trump. If I can put my politics aside to prevent a President Trump, surely you can as well.

I’m watching you guys now. Bernie supporters screaming about TPP and emails. Screaming about the primaries. Booing Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Booing Bernie himself.

Have you lost your damn minds? All that stands between us and the Trump Dark Ages right now is Hillary Clinton.

My Party has failed me. My Party has failed the country.

Your Party is all that’s left.

You have one job. Get your act together.

What is There Left To Say? Compare and Contrast

Last night, our worst nightmare came true. Donald Trump is not only the Republican nominee, but he delivered a frightening, divisive speech that was completely divorced from the reality in this country right now.

We’ll be spending the next few days watching Reagan speeches and recovering. Next up, the misery of watching Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech.

In the meantime, enjoy:


“Trust me” government asks that we concentrate our hopes and dreams on one man; that we trust him to do what’s best for us. My view of government places trust not in one person or one party, but in those values that transcend persons and parties. The trust is where it belongs–in the people. The responsibility to live up to that trust is where it belongs, in their elected leaders. That kind of relationship, between the people and their elected leaders, is a special kind of compact.


“I alone can fix this.”

How far we have fallen.

Ted Cruz is an American Hero

Ted Cruz is a legend

Ted Cruz was not our first choice for president. He’s not very palatable to the general public and his positions are way extreme. That said, we would have welcomed him as our nominee as, if nothing else, he is a truly authentic conservative Republican. For a moment after the Iowa caucuses (when it appeared that might happen) we were looking forward to seeing him debate Hillary and present his unfiltered vision for a conservative America. And if he could convince 65 million Americans to vote for him in order to win? We were fine with that.

Now, though? With the prospect of a lunatic who reportedly is ready to stab our NATO allies in the back as President? Ted Cruz might as well be Abraham Lincoln. And after the incredible stunt he pulled off at the Republican National Convention he has solidified himself as the only Republican with any semblance of principle or morals.

His speech, was one of the best he ever gave even BEFORE all the drama erupted. He actually succeeded in presenting his conservative principles in a way that could be acceptable to a large percentage of the American public.

Then the demands began for Cruz to endorse the charlatan who has hijacked his beloved Republican party. And the boos started to rain down upon him when it became clear that would not happen. The video screen, as if reflecting the absolutely toxic energy in the room, literally blacked out. As he always does, Cruz soldiered on through to the end, urging everyone to “vote their conscience” and reminding people that principles and values actually matter.

And THEN just the morning after, he doubled down!

In addition to his amazing sound bite about refusing to be a “servile puppy dog” and supporting the man who “maligned” his father and wife, Cruz had this to say:

“It was somewhat dismaying that…some of Donald’s biggest partisans…when they heard that people should vote for someone you can trust to defend our freedom and…the Constitution, immediately began booing.”

That’s a great point, Ted!

Later on, in response to questions from a decidedly pro-Trump crowd, he followed up with:

“We either stand for shared principles, or we’re not worth anything.”

And more:

“If we can’t make the case to the American people that voting for our Party’s nominee is consistent with voting your conscience, is consistent with defending freedom and being faithful to the Constitution, then we are not going to win and we don’t deserve to win.”


A lot of people are claiming that this was just a cynical attempt to position himself for the next election cycle. That may be true. But anyone who knows Ted Cruz’s record, should know that Cruz has, on numerous occasions sacrificed his own political currency for something he believes in.

For example, Ted Cruz is a huge supporter of Israel. Take a look at what happened when he addressed a clearly anti-Israel group of Christians:


Can you imagine what would have happened if he had been doing this since the beginning? If he and Jeb and Rubio and the rest of them had taken a principled stand against this train wreck from the beginning, instead of treating Trump like a sideshow? We would never be in this position to begin with.

Instead one by one, they all surrendered and bent the knee to an imposter. Maybe Trump should not have tried to link Cruz’s father to the Kennedy assassination. Perhaps that was just a bridge too far? Maybe threatening to leak slanderous stories about his wife pushed him over the edge? Or maybe Cruz, like everyone else NOT under Trump’s spell, recognizes that anyone who would behave in this manner is not worthy of the Oval Office.

And if anyone doubts for one minute that Cruz does NOT believe that if the Republican Party gets behind someone they do not trust to defend the Constitution they don’t deserve to win…well, you just have not been paying attention to the guy John Boehner once referred to as “Lucifer” for not falling in line.

But for Cruz to go into the (almost literal) lion’s den and stand his ground, despite a cascade of roars and boos and threats at his expense?

He’s a damn American hero for that.

We should be so lucky as to have ALL of the Republicans do the same.


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LiveBlog for the Republican National Convention #ShootUsNow

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It’s official folks. Donald Trump was just nominated for president by the Republican Party. He’ll be accepting the nomination shortly. There is no turning back. Join us as we liveblog our way into oblivion. #GOPWithHer #NeverTrump #ShootUsNow

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