We expect Donald Trump to accept the nomination at approximately 8 pm, on July 21st, 2016. At that point our nightmare will truly begin.

Join us as we traverse the Seven Stages of Grief on our way to acceptance of the fact that we will have to not only vote for, but actively support, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Once it’s official, this page will convert into a blog, petition and support group for our fellow #NeverTrump Republicans who are actually serious about this.

We meant it when we said we would never get behind Trump. With no serious contender left to stand up to this revolting, self-absorbed, second rate carnival barker con man. With him as the leader of our Party, we are no longer the party of Lincoln. With Trump at the lead, we have no voice.

While Hillary effing Clinton is pretty @#$%ing far from our 1st, 2nd or 1,000th choice we’ve just got to go with her..

We are… #GO(P)WithHer.